Types of Hunting in the USA

types of hunting in the usa

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Hunting is a tradition with a rich history and diversity. In the United States, hunters have the opportunity to take part in various types of hunting experiences, each unique in its own way.

Big Game Hunting

Big game hunting is one of the most popular types of hunting in the USA that covers larger animals than squirrels and rabbits. Hunters from across the country take part in big game hunting. In America, big game hunting involves deer, elk, moose, and bear while in Africa, it involves rhinos, elephants and leopards. In the United States, big game hunting is regulated by state wildlife agencies through licensing and permit systems to conserve wildlife.

Additionally, big game hunting requires skill, patience and a deep understanding of wildlife.

Big game hunting can take place on public lands managed by federal or state agencies, as well as on private lands with the landowner’s permission. Many hunters view big game hunting as a challenging and rewarding outdoor activity that allows them to connect with nature, test their skills, and often provide a source of food through the harvest of game meat. However, it’s also a topic of debate due to ethical concerns, conservation considerations, and differing perspectives on the practice.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Of big game hunting, Whitetail deer hunting is one of the most desired forms of hunting in the USA. Scientifically known as Odocoileus virginianus, these species of deer are in abundance across the country, with 45 states offering hunting seasons. Whitetail deer excel in various habitats including forests as well as suburban territories, and are very much adaptable to multiple environments.

Hunters seek whitetails for their competitive behavior and the satisfying experience that they offer. Two types of techniques that are common in their hunting include still hunting, and stand hunting; the former technique demands hunters move secretly through wooded areas for a successful hunt, while the latter technique is hunters waiting in elevated positions or ground blinds to hunt. Key states for whitetail deer hunting include Texas, Iowa, and Illinois, famous for possessing a great amount of the largest bucks​ (another term for horned deer).

Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is another big appeal for big game hunters in the U.S. Elk, or Cervus canadensis, are the deer family’s second largest species, and they are primarily found in the mountainous regions of the western United States. States like Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado are top destinations as they are home to large elk populations and sizable public lands.

Just like in all types of hunting, specific gear along with extensive preparation is required for Elk hunting too, which includes an appropriate rifle, suitable clothing for rugged terrain, and the presence of a guide that offers assistance throughout the hunt. Hunters have a choice to pick between public land hunts, which offer solo experience but are challenging in terms of the outcome of the hunt, and high-fence hunts on private lands, which historically provide more chances for a successful hunt.

Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting involves hunters who are on the lookout for ducks and geese, mostly when the fall and winter migration seasons arrive. Popular in all watery areas across the United States, key waterfowl hunting gear includes shotguns, decoys, and wet weather clothing.

To be successful at waterfowl hunting, hunters should be aware of these birds’ migration patterns as well as their behavior. The Ducks Unlimited migration map is a handy tool for hunters if they want to track waterfowl activities in order to execute their hunts. Famous states offering this activity of waterfowl hunting include the Dakotas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Duck Hunting

Derived directly from waterfowl hunting, duck hunting is specifically about the hunting of many species of ducks. This type of hunting activity happens in the coastal regions and lakes. Hunters use various methods such as decoys and calls to lure the ducks closer to their shooting range. For effective duck hunting, hunters need to carefully select the shotgun choke and ammunition. Environmental regulations in the region make steel shot the most-opted for by the hunters.

Popular locations for duck hunting include the Mississippi Flyway, which is a bird migration route offering plenty for hunters, as there are a great number of ducks migrating​ there.

Upland Bird Hunting

Upland bird hunting is the hunting of species of birds like pheasants, quail, and grouse. Other landfowls such as the woodcock, prairie chicken, chukar, gray partridge are also included in upland game birds. This hunting type usually occurs in prairies, agricultural fields, and grasslands. Upland bird hunters sometimes have to opt for the expertise of pointing dogs, too, when they are planning to locate the birds from cover.

Key states for upland bird hunting include Kansas and South Dakota, where the presence of these birds, especially the pheasant, is in abundance while there are also opportunities for quail hunting in these states. It’s imperative the hunters are equipped with dog training equipment and the right hunting gear, which includes shotguns and necessary clothing in this case.

Quail Hunting

Quail hunting is another fun activity in the central and southern parts of the United States. Northern Bobwhite, part of a certain group of species of quails called New World quail, lives in the brushy areas and the grasslands. The process of hunting quail is pretty much similar to that of Upland bird hunting i.e. using dogs to uncover the hiding birds.

Guided hunts are the way to go for many hunters for quail hunting, which is very popular in states such as Georgia and Texas. For hunters, guided hunts increase the success rate of the quail hunt in these states. Hunters need to be prepared for the unique behavior of quails and should resort to proper equipment and hunting gear when undertaking hunts.

Pheasant Hunting

In the Midwest, states like Kansas and South Dakota house large amounts of pheasant populations. Pheasant hunting is a very popular hunting type in these states, where hunters mostly hunt along with dogs so that the pheasants can be located easily.

Pheasant hunting gear includes an appropriate shotgun and ammunition – and because pheasants like to hide around dense vegetation – protective clothing is also a necessary part of the hunting gear. Just like in most of the hunting types mentioned here, hunters who have basic knowledge of the behavior of pheasants and closely monitor their movements, will enjoy more successful hunts.


The USA has a long-standing hunting tradition, which has plenty to offer for hunting enthusiasts, from the surreal experience of big game hunting to the tactical, challenging, competitive and strategic waterfowl and upland bird hunting. Understanding the particular aspects of all types of hunting is crucial for the hunters if they want to up their skills, and ultimately, get a successful hunt on every try.

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Table of Contents