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Let’s first know about hunting a bit more before getting in the best hunting season in the US…

Hunting was a means of livelihood for humans in ancient times. They depended on hunting for food and clothing. Then as time passed and the world evolved, people hunted less and found other ways to find food and clothing. Nowadays hunting has become more of a healthy lifestyle to reconnect with nature.

But these days hunting has rules and regulations. Government departments concerning natural resources have made these rules. It is not like when your heart desires and you go hunting.

Many species of animals and birds have disappeared from the world and many more that are becoming extinct. It is essential to follow the rules and regulations to save the species from extinction.

Hunting dates are decided by looking at which species to target more and which should be saved.

Another reason for making rules is that the government wants the young generation to be successful in hunting and enjoy it as much as possible without destroying the balance of the natural ecosystem. That’s why, the government decides specific times of the year during which people are allowed to hunt particular animals. It is to ensure the protection of the natural ecosystem.

Types Of Hunting

  1. Archery only
  2. Falconry
  3. Muzzleloader
  4. Youth only

Hunting Seasons In Different States Of The USA

Hunting Season In Mississippi

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Deer (archery) September 30 November 17
Deer (youth gun) November 18 January 31
Deer (firearms) November 18 December 1
Deer (primitive weapon) December 2
January 18
February 1
December 15
January 31
February 15

Hunting Season In Wyoming

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Antelope (archery) August 15 September 30
Antelope (general season) October 1 November 20
Elk (general season) August 15 January 31
Elk (archery) September 1 September 30

Hunting Season In Washington

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Mule deer October 14 October 24
Turkey (spring season) April 15 May 31
Turkey (Fall season) September 1 December 31
Black bear season August 1 November 15
Deer (archery) September 1 September 30
Deer (general season) November 1 December 31
Black bear (fall general season) September 1 October 31

Hunting Season In California

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Deer (Archery season) July 31 August 4
Deer (General season) August 10 September 22

Hunting Season In Florida

Animal Zone Opening Date Ending Date
Antlerless deer D2 December 30 December 31
Antlerless deer B November 25 November 26
Antlerless deer C October 28 October 29

Hunting Season In Texas

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Javelina (northern) October 1 Feb 24
Javelina (southern) September 1 August 31
Mule deer September 30 November 3
White-tailed deer September 30 November 3

Hunting Season In Hawaii

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Bear (archery) October 7 November 17
Bobcat (archery) October 7 October 31
Deer (archery) September 2 October 6
Fox November 1 February 29

Hunting Season In Georgia

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Deer (archery) September 9 October 13
Bear (archery) September 9 October 13
Turkey (special opportunity for youth) March 23 March 24
Fox and bobcat December 1 February 29
Raccoon August 15 February 29
Alligator August 18 October 2

Hunting Season in Arizona

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Deer (summer archery) August 25 September 14
Mule deer November 22 December 1
Bulk elk (early archery) September 13 September 26
Mule deer (early rifle) October 25 November 3
Mule deer (late rifle) November 22 December 1
Deer (December archery) December 18 December 31
Deer (January archery) January 1 January 31

Hunting Season in Alabama

Animal Zone Opening Date Ending Date
Turkey (spring season) 1 March 25 May 8
Turkey (spring season) 2 April 1 May 8
Turkey (spring season) 3 March 25 May 8

Hunting Season in Kansas

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Spring turkey (archery) April 8 April 16
Spring turkey (regular) April 17 May 31
Elk (archery) September 16 December 31
Coyote January 1, 2024 January 1, 2025
Bobcat and raccoon November 13, 2024 February 15, 2025

Hunting Season in Vermont

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Deer (archery) October 1
December 2
November 15
December 15
Black bear September 1
November 16
November 15
November 24
Turkey (spring season) May 1 May 31
Turkey (fall season) October 5 October 25
Raccoon October 12 December 31
Muskrat March 20 April 19

Hunting Season in Maine

Animal Opening Date Ending Date
Deer (archery) September 30 October 27
Deer (youth day) October 20 October 20
Deer (firearms) October 30 November 25
Deer (muzzleloader) November 2
December 4
November 2
December 4
Deer (resident only day) October 28 October 28

Hunting Season in South Carolina

Animal Zone Opening Date Ending Date
Bear 1 October 17 October 23
Bear 2 October 17 October 30
Bear 4 October 17 October 30
Deer 1 October 1 October 10
Deer 2 October 1 October 10
Deer 3 September 15 September 30
Deer 4 September 15 October 10
Deer   November 24 March 1
Deer   January 1 December 31

Precautionary Measures During Hunting Season

Physical fitness:

Physical fitness is very important for hunters. Because you can face different problems in forests including injuries, long walks, and you can even confront wild animals.


You must have a hunting license or you have to be ready for penalties.

Dress code:

Forests are vibrant so hunters should wear bright clothes to avoid being attacked by wild animals.

Emergency kits are a must-have:

Hunters must have first aid kits with them in case they get injured or attacked by an animal.

Always stay on the designated path:

Try to stay on the designated path because forests are a maze. If you lose your way it is almost impossible to get back from there.

Alcohol limit:

It is important to be mindful while hunting because forests are dangerous. Alcohol consumption at that time is risky.

Female animal safety:

As winter is a mating season for most of the animals, hunters should avoid killing female animals as they can be pregnant. And the survival of their species is dependent on them.

Hunt in the form of groups:

Try to avoid going alone for hunting because wild animals can easily attack you if you are alone.

Keep the environment clean:

Do not throw trash everywhere in the forest as it can destroy the natural ecosystem of the forest.


Your equipment should be clean and useable so you can use it for hunting and in case any misfortune happens.


Winter is the breeding and mating season for most of the animals in the USA. Most of the species are active in this season and are out in search of their mate. So, it is easier to find them for hunters.

Additionally, fall is the season when plants and trees shed off their leaves and bushes shrink because of low or lack of rainfall in winter. So, there is more probability of spotting animals from afar.

Waterfalls are dry mostly this is also because of a decrease in rainfall so there are no hurdles for the hunters to hunt.

And because of the above-mentioned reasons, hunting opportunities in summer are therefore almost equal to zero.

Table of Contents